The main advantages and disadvantages of LED lights


1. High light efficiency. This means that LED luminaires of the same power can bring more "quantity" of light. That is to say, to achieve the same illumination, LED can be completed with a lower wattage, which is what we call energy-saving and efficient;

2. Long service life. Due to the small light decay of LED lamps, many regular manufacturers can maintain more than 80% of the light efficiency of the lamps even if they are used for ten years. Therefore, it is no surprise that the service life of LED lights is very long.;

3. Good security. LED lights, also known as light-emitting diodes, are low-voltage equipment, especially in public places, which are more stable in terms of safety;

4. Easy to produce. The convenience mentioned here means that the LED lamp is composed of many lamp beads, and the volume of the lamp beads themselves is relatively small, which can be easily designed in various ways.



1. Poor color rendering. Color rendering is a value that represents the true color of a lamp.

2. Strobe problem.

3. Blue light hazard.

4. High price.

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