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Wheelbase of 2870mm, LED lights+rural number six

New Borui GE has finally arrived. The strength he has demonstrated can be said to be particularly strong. Not only that, it also has quite mature configurations. Regardless of which version, Borui GE has a good performance, so overall, the competitiveness of this car is still acceptable, and in terms of price, it is also known as the "people-friendly" new dark horse.

Jetta VS5 configuration exposure: a total of 5 models/standard LED light groups

Recently, we obtained the configuration information of the Jetta VS5 model under the FAW Volkswagen Jetta Jetta brand from relevant channels. The new car is positioned as a compact SUV and will launch five models, namely 280TSI Manual Fashion, 280TSI Automatic Fashion, 280TSI Manual Comfort, 280TSI Automatic Comfort, and 280TSI Automatic Luxury. According to the information released this time, in terms of external configuration, the new car will be equipped with LED headlights/tail lights, roof luggage rack, 17 inch wheels, etc. The high-end models will also be equipped with automatic headlights, 18 inch wheels, electric sunroof, and welcome lighting.

Congratulations! Our product has finally lit up the airport and national exhibition center

Philips Professional Lighting recently successfully provided high-quality LED lighting solutions for the first phase of the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Tianjin). Help build a new generation of green, intelligent and innovative national convention and exhibition complexes. As one of Philips' suppliers, Jin Dingsheng provided 20,755 meters of 15*15 top view switch 4000K extruded silicone IP66 neon in this project. From June 6th to 24th, the new hall of the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Tianjin) ushered in the first exhibition.

The heat of LED lights is very low. Why do automobile LED lamps have Computer fan?

LED lights are typical cold light sources with low color temperature. Compared to halogen lights, the infrared light in LED lights is much lower. Therefore, when an LED light source illuminates the skin, the body temperature is much lower than when a halogen lamp (with a filament) illuminates the skin. This gives a feeling of low heat output from LED lights. Similarly, under the same power, the heat generation of LED is much lower than that of halogen lamps. However, LEDs are semiconductor devices that are temperature sensitive and not resistant to high temperatures. Poor heat dissipation can seriously shorten the lifespan and brightness of LED lamp beads. Halogen lamps are resistant to high temperatures and do not require heat dissipation at all. That's why LED bulbs either have heat sinks or fans.

Ordinary LED lights have 2 pins. Why do these LED lights have 4 pins?

Ordinary light-emitting diodes (LED lights) only have two pins, one long pin and one short pin. Connect the long leg to the positive pole of the power supply, and the short leg to the negative pole of the power supply. Besides this ordinary LED light with only two pins, can you take a look at any LED lights with 4 pins? Although there are four pins inside, there are actually three LED beads, one of which is the common part of the three LEDs, and the other three are the second pin of each LED. LED lights also have a common cathode and a common anode. For a common anode RGB LED light, the longest of the four pins is the anode, which is the positive pole connected to the power supply.




Shenzhen Jindingsheng Lighting Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 and is located in Shiyan, Shenzhen, which is rich in LED resources. The factory covers an area of over 21000 square meters, employs 450-500 people, and has a R&D engineer department of over 25 people.


Jindingsheng Lighting is a national high-tech enterprise that integrates research, development, and manufacturing of LED light strips. The company's annual output value is 200 to 300 million RMB. After 13 years of continuous technological innovation and Brand management, we have accumulated unique brand connotation and a solid foundation for development. And it has taken the lead in passing the ISO9000 and ISO14001 quality and environmental systems in the industry, and has the qualification of a professional contractor in urban lighting engineering.

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