5050 5M 10M waterproof TV backlight Wifi intelligent RGB LED strip light

LED5050 soft light strip is a decorative lighting fixture designed and produced with SMD 5050LED light as the light source, FPC circuit board as the carrier, and the circuit string with appropriate current-limiting resistor. It has the advantages of high luminous brightness, soft and bendable, and can be cut according to the required length.

Color: FPC colors mainly include yellow board, white board, blackboard, can be customized. LED light luminous colors are: white, warm white, red, yellow, blue, green, purple, colorful, full color, illusion color. Waterproof level: Because the light strip is suitable for different positions, the waterproof level is divided into non-waterproof, glue waterproof, casing waterproof, glue filling waterproof. Number of lamp beads: many LED5050 lamp beads can be pasted on the FPC, so on the FPC per meter, the number of lamp beads has 30 lamps per meter, 60 lamps per meter, 120 lamps per meter three conventional, in order to apply to places with different brightness requirements. LED5050 soft light strip is suitable for a wide range of locations, with its different types, suitable for product display cabinets, store door decoration, ultra-thin light box backlight, hotel KTV decoration, outdoor lighting, home ceiling, ceiling entrance decoration. LED strip light, LED strip light has been used in furniture, automotive, advertising, lighting, ships and other industries.

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