How to avoid LED neon lights turning yellow

Many customers encounter the problem of neon lights turning yellow. After six months or more of lighting, what is the reason for the yellowing?
1. Anti yellowing and sulfurization
For the neon light Flex raw material, other competitors did not add anti yellowing vulcanizing agents or the content was insufficient.
2. Catalyst
This material related to the catalyst may have high temperatures or poor catalyst quality
3. Vinylidene
This special material has a vinyl content of less than 1%, and the LED neon light will turn yellow after installation,
4. Silicone oil and dispersant
The ratio of silicone oil to dispersant may be incorrect when producing LED neon lights.
5. Toners and coloring
When making, the color toner they use is of poor quality or the toner coloring effect is not good enough.
6. Environment
Long term temperature use of LED neon lights, with extremely high temperature and humidity and acidic air